I never win anything — Well… except for this…

I got a cool email yesterday. It seems one of the blog rolls I belong to — The Foodie Blogroll, runs weekly contests, awarding participants free goods. I didn’t even know I was a participant… until I won!

I got an email from the site admin and founder Jenn — The Leftover Queen (another food blogger), stating that I was the final (out of 10) winner of the Timberland Pro Series Footwear giveaway. Sweet! I had the choice of one man’s style or one woman’s style. I wasn’t super keen on the woman’s shoe, but the men’s was pretty cool… so it looks like The Husband is getting a new pair of shoes (worth $85) for free!

Not a bad looking shoe… Now The Husband really owes me (hey, I cook him delicious food all the time!).

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