In a pickle… a half-sour one (that is)

I love “half sour” pickles. They are not that easy to find though. Manishevitz makes them, but they aren’t as good as homemade ones and then tend to “ripen” too fast… loosing the bright green hue and super crispy flesh found only in a fresh cucumber.

Whenever I head home to NJ, I always swing by the Amish Farmer’s Market in my home town and pick up a quart of half sour pickles. They are usually gone by the time we get back to Boston though… they are just too good to resist.

So, imagine my surprise and excitement when I found homemade half-sour pickles (from NY no less!) at Russo’s!

I got these bad boys home, pulled off the lid and took a big sniff…. garlic, fresh, dill, brine… Mmmm…..

The color is more vibrant than any “normal” pickle you have ever had or seen. Half sour pickles have all the pickle taste, with none of the “been sitting around in this jar for way too long” flavor. They are super crunchy and the taste is more mild than your standard pickle… but that’s what makes them delicious.

And the pièce de résistance:

Just look at how white and crispy the flesh looks… no vinegar-soaked, puke-green, rubbery cukes for me!

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