Is this cat fat?

I can’t say where… but at a family member’s house in NJ, there lives a VERY large cat. These pictures cannot even come close to exhibiting just how large this cat is. He is tall, long, has huge feet and a rather large amount of “skin” that hangs from his belly.

In my opinion… this cat is morbidly obese. In his owner’s opinion, he is not even remotely fat. In fact, “he hardly eats” and his vet has assured his owners that he is not fat. YOU BE THE JUDGE.

Under the kitchen table… note his height compared to the seats of the chairs:

Laying on top of the computer desk… which is easily 16-18 inches wide:

Standing next to his “sister”… who granted, is on the small size… but is much more “normal” in size:

Sitting — which he looks pretty good doing:

And lastly, eating… note the size of the 9 Lives cans in front of him:

So what do you think? Feel free to express yourself with a comment… or better yet… participate in my blog poll to the left.

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