Buddha’s Hand Citron Liqueur – Step 2

So, it’s been a little longer than two weeks (more like 3) since I started soaking my Buddha’s hand in vodka. I’m in the process of making Buddha’s Hand Citron Liqueur… and Step 2 is to add simple syrup equal to 50% the volume of the alcohol.

So the first thing I did was make some simple syrup. The only sugar I had on hand was organic cane, which tends to be a bit brown… so my simple syrup is not clear as usual. I also added about half a bunch of bruised mint leaves to the simple syrup while it was cooking, hoping to infuse a nice minty undertone to my liqueur.

Bruising the mint:


Infusing the simple syrup:

And the final product:

Check back in two weeks for the taste test! It smells divine….

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