Fat Cat? Not.

Fat Cat?

Fat Cat?

 The votes are in and the results are the following…

Is this cat fat?

Hell yes! Obese — 16 votes (26%)

No… he’s just big-boned — 19 votes (31%)
That’s a cat? I thought it was a Pot-bellied Pig — 11 votes (18%)
Layoff! That cat is beautiful! — 14 votes (23%)

27 of you thought he was either obese or looked like a Pot-Bellied Pig (44%)

33 of you though he was either big-boned or beautiful (54%)
So by a 10% vote… the cat is not fat.

Thanks a lot people! I vowed if you voted him “not fat” that I would never call him fat again… this is going to be a tough one.

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