Juicy – Day 2 Wrap-up

Hmm… how to start. Well, Day 2 was not quite as successful as Day 1. I woke up feeling like I was going to pass out: dizzy, hungry, angry, headache, etc. You get it. I was convinced I was done and was ready to throw the towel in, but decided to forge ahead.

orange super smoothie9am – Orange Super Smoothie
“This nourishing smoothie is rich in iron, calcium and potassium and high in beta carotene.”

1 large carrot
1 orange
1/2 banana
1/4 avocado

Juice the carrott and orange juice. Whizz in blender with banana and avocado. Vit A 44,570iu – Vit C 101mg –  K+ 1,475mg – Iron 2.5mg – Cal 204

I drank this down quickly, as I was so hungry. It was delicious, but left me wanting and needing more nutrition. I added in 1 oz raw nuts… and I was still hungry. So I did what any die-hard juicer would do… I hopped in the car, drove to Starbucks and got myself a Grande, Skinny, Caramel Macchiato… and boy did I feel better after drinking half of it! I saved the other half in the fridge for after lunch. Now I was raring to go… I had my “energy”, I got my dairy and sugar fix and I felt like I could keep going with the juicing.

ruby smoothie1pm – Ruby Smoothie
“This highly nutritious and very satisfying smoothie is high in Vit C, and the combination of the pectin in the apple and the probiotics in the yogurt make it a great choice for the digestive tract.”

2 oranges
1 apple
3 oz raspberries
3 oz strawberries
5 oz natural live yogurt (I used fat free Greek Fage)

Juice the oranges and apple and then whizz in blender with berries and yogurt. Vit C 145mg – Vit E 1.81mg – Ca 407mg – Iron 2mg – Zinc 1.65mg – Cal 283

I skipped the next two juices and opted for the other half of my Starbucks. I also had about 1/8th of a fresh papaya and a wedge of laughing cow light cheese…. just to keep me from feeling too ill. Then I started feeling better. I had convinced myself earlier in the day that I would have a “normal dinner” because I needed the nutrition… but by dinner time, I wanted the juice instead.

invigor87pm – Invigor8
“This is an absolute super juice – low calorie, virtually fat free and will enliven the whole body and help lower blood pressure, aid digestion, boost the immune system and eliminate toxins. If your stress levels have risen to unhealthy heights, this it he best all around juice you could have, particularly if you are prone to migraines and nausea.”

2 medium oranges
1/2 lemon
3.5 oz beet root
3.5 oz spinach
3.5 oz celery
3.5 oz carrot
1/2 in cube fresh ginger

Peel the orange and lemon, juice them along with the rest of the ingredients. Vit C 510mg – Vit A 34,736iu – Mg 164mg – Folic Acid 310 mcg – Cal 286

This juice was DELICIOUS! I absolutely loved it and will undoubtedly make it again and again. It was sweet, citrusy, had a nice bite to it from the lemon and the ginger and was just downright refreshing. Yum, yum, yum.

And that ended my day of juicing — and began my descent into sugar hell. What can I say… I”m an addict. Candy is my crack. Sugar is my demon. It’s a love/hate relationship.

hearts & chocolate9pm – All Hell Breaks Loose

A few hand fulls of conversation hearts
5 small squares of 72% dark chocolate

‘Nuff said…

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