BOYCOTT Blanchard’s in Allston!

Stop-Animal-Cruelty-Dont-Be-Sorry-Do-Something.jpgThe biggest loser of the week here in Boston is the owner and operator of Blanchard’s Liquors in Allston, MA. His name is John Corey and the YouTube video below (the store surveillance tape) shows how he viciously entered the store and proceeded to JUMP UP AND DOWN on his son’s puppy’s cage… supposedly because his son kicked his Mercedes Benz  — until the top finally crashed in on the puppy’s head.

UPATE: The YouTube video has been taken down and/or no longer exists.

I found out about this because I am connected to a very close relation of this family. The rest of the family wants the public to know that each and every Blanchard’s is independently owned and operated and the remaining family members are disgusted by what this man has done and they do not condone this behavior or want to be associated with it.

Do your part by boycotting this store. Better yet, make Mr. Corey well aware that abusing animals in a sick act of rage is disgusting and unacceptable!

Talk about a LOSER…

Yelp is talking about it, it’s been on,  The Boston Channel and featured on (as well as most other news stations).

And for those of you wondering — the puppy, a beagle named Hunter, is fine.


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