Fasnachts Küchle — Teil zwei (Part 2)

Same food… slight variation on annunciation. The friend who I mentioned in my previous post was kind enough to send me some real pictures from todayof her mother cooking Fasnachts Küchle. She told me that her recipe is almost identical to the one I posted, but with a little less sugar. She also told me:

I don’t know why Wikipedia calls them “Fasnachts” that would be like calling a birthday cake, a birthday, Ya know?? Owell. This has been fun! Thanks.

In any case, these pictures are authentic! And very drool worthy….


Frying the Dough


Nice and Brown


Serve with Some Sugar


Soft and Fluffy on the Inside

Thanks Rosemarie! (Who, by the way… I met when I was 16 years old and we both worked at McDonald’s together in Flemington, NJ!!!)

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