Bill’s Pizzeria in Newton Centre

I decided to treat myself to one of my all-time favorite pizza and sandwich shops yesterday… Bills Pizzeria in Newton Centre. When I moved to Boston 11 years ago, my first apartment was in Newton Centre — so I had the opportunity to spend some time trying out all of the local restaurants. Many places have come and gone… but just as many  have continued to be members of the community, such as Bill’s. 


My first few experiences at Bill’s were strictly pizza. Back then, I was on a hunt to find pizza that rivaled what I was accustomed to in NJ. That never did happen. However, Bill’s Pizza is quite unique. They have a TON of add-on toppings and their crust has a taste and texture that is very different than most pizzas I’ve had. It’s very crusty on the outside, but nice and soft on the inside. Delicious! My favorite topping at Bill’s? Pineapple and caramelized onions. TO… DIE… FOR…

When you walk into the Bill’s, the first thing you notice is the hand written (and huge) menu that appears on the left wall — from Pizza to Wraps to Salads and Dinners. Ingredients are fresh and everything is good.


Bill’s has also secured a beer and liquor license. What goes better with pizza than beer??? And for the die-hard fans, you can buy one of several versions of Bill’s T-shirts.


A few years ago, Bill’s did a major renovation and expansion taking over the pace next to them — which now houses a large dining room where you can sit down and enjoy your food in a cool and funky setting. The walls are adorned with local art, cool collages and clocks depicting times around the world.


Best of all? Just like many other local businesses, Bill’s is currently running a stimulus package… as demonstrated by this poster. Stop by to get your coupon to save money on your next pizza order… and they deliver!


So what did I get for my lunch yesterday? The Fancy Falafel Wrap— homemade, seasoned falafel patties, Romaine lettuce, sliced tomato and Emilia’s Greek Dressing ($6.99). It was fabulous. The falafel is crunchy, has a great taste and the best part of all? The fact that it’s dripping with Emilia’s Greek Dressing. As stated on their menu:

My mother, Emilia, mixed up a batch of salad dressing one day and it tasted so good (and you liked it so much) that we put it in a bottle, slapped a label on it and now it’s available for you to take home.

It’s good $hit.


A few other interesting tidbits about Bill’s…

  • The same family has been cooking for two generations
  • They make their own dough every day
  • They can partially bake your pizza so you can finish cooking it at home whevever you are ready
  • They offer prepared foods you can reheat at home
  • They offer a catering menu
  • Even thier menus are homemade

A neighborhood favorite for a very long time… Bill’s Pizzeria is a great family restaurant with amazing food and a fun atmosphere.

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