Mango, Celery & Pineapple Juice

Even though my all-juice diet is over, I am still enjoying the benefits (and taste) of regular juicing. In fact, I plan to save up some money so I can buy a more heavy-duty juicer, as my current one is just a cheap little Black and Decker model (mine is the older version of this model).

I particularly like juices that I add fresh ginger to — it adds a very bright and fresh flavor to the juice. I was craving such a juice the other day and had a bunch of fruit that was on the cusp of turning bad… so I concocted the following combination:


1 Mango (peeled)
1/4 Pineapple (peeled)
3 Celery Stalks
1 Apple
1/4 Lime
1 in cube of Ginger
1/4 c Fresh Mint

Juice everything… but when you do the mint, “ball it up” and push it through with a larger, harder piece of fruit on top of it (like the apple). Serve immediately.


Absolutely delicious… sweet, creamy, sharp and refreshing. And it smelled divine…


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