A sheep in wolves clothing…

Can you keep a secret?


This is what happens when a “Flexitarian” (aka pseudo-vegetarian) is hungry and smells bacon. Not good… Well, it WAS good… but not good for my “eating no red meat” proclamation I made about 15 years ago! Bacon is the one thing that always trips me up… what IS it about bacon that leaves carnivores, omnivores and vegivores (is that even a word?) alike craving it’s seducing aroma and taste???

I don’t have bacon very often at all… but when I do, I truly enjoy it! It HAS to be served crisp though… if there is even one sliver is shimmering, slippery fat– you’ll find me gagging and dry heaving. So when I went to one of the cafes on the Harvard Medical School’s campus this week and saw a huge pile of crispy bacon staring me in the face (and heard it screaming my name) I couldn’t resist.

What can I say? Bacon is PURE EVIL.

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