Chinese Long Beans – How long? REALLY long…


025 1024x768 Chinese Long Beans   How long? REALLY long...

I had been eying these for a while before finally broke down and bought some… and boy do I wish I hadn’t waited! Chinese Long Beans, according to Wikipedia, are also known as yardlong beans, long-podded cowpea, asparagus bean, snake bean, dau gok in Cantonese, jiang dou (豇豆) in Standard Mandarin, thua fak yao (ถั่วฝักยาว) in Thai and kacang panjang in Indonesian and Malay, sitaw in Tagalog, bora in the West Indies and vali or eeril in Goa, India.

They are a good source of protein, vitamin A, thiamin, riboflavin, iron, phosphorus, and potassium, and a very good source for vitamin C, folate, magnesium, and manganese — and are often used in stir-fries or cooked salads in Asian cultures.

We tried them both raw and cooked and they are very good either way — BETTER than your standard green bean. I’m not a huge green bean fan… never have been… and I just loved these beans.

The 4-yo especially loved eating them raw and the novelty of their size. They are nuttier than green beans, but still have that sweet snap. When cooked, they have a much better flavor then any cooked beans I’ve had before. AND, to top it off — they are cheap! Only $0.98/lb at Russo’s Market.

023 1024x768 Chinese Long Beans   How long? REALLY long...

I decided to keep things simple by slicing them up, flash frying them and then tossing them with Trader Joe’s Wasabi Sesame Drizzling Sauce (a new product that is GREAT!).

0081 1024x768 Chinese Long Beans   How long? REALLY long...

They are thin, maintain their crunch and have a great texture — even after sitting in the pan for a little while. The sesame-wasabi sauce added the perfect amount of saltiness to them and really enhanced their flavor. I am pretty certain I will never buy regular wax or green beans again.

0111 1024x768 Chinese Long Beans   How long? REALLY long...

You could easily substitute these for any recipe that calls for green beans or asparagus — with great results. I am SOLD.

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7 Comments to “Chinese Long Beans – How long? REALLY long…”

  1. I’ve seen long beans recently at Whole Foods and was wondering about them myself. Thanks for being the guinea pig – now I’ll certainly give them a try!

    I grew up just outside Boston, then lived in the city for a long time. It’s fun to read your blog about old favorites and new places to try.

  2. Patricia says:

    Not sure, I just roasted asparagus and don’t think there is a more perfect food but I’ll give these a try. Certainly less expensive than asparagus.

    Nice flower too. Where did that come from?

  3. Tammy (BFW) says:

    Thanks Karen!

    Patricia — Asparagus will ALWAYS be special and delicious in it’s own right! But, this is definitely a cool, tasty and cheap alternaive.

    The flower is a nasturtium… from my garden. It’s an herb with edible flowers. You can read more about it here:

  4. Hoi says:

    These are delicious, they have a bit more crunch to them than regular green beans. Really great for any stir fry with beef/pork/chicken!!

  5. Paul says:

    Just tried them (long beans)..
    Grilled in a foil pouchfor 40 minutes indirect heating for 30min then 10minute
    per side…
    your choice of seasoning and liquid for streaming…plus butter..

    while also grilling a spaghetti squash
    for the first time too

    both turned out great.

  6. I’m not thazt much of a internet reader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up!I’ll go aheadd and
    bookmark your ste to come back down the road. All the best

  7. Ellen melbourne says:

    I ordered my asparagus beans from Annie’s seed co. Online,just because I was curious & was glad I did. They are real easy to grow ( & I live in 100 degree weather right now in south Carolina! They can get really long too. I am looking forward to stir fried & many more dishes!

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