Starbucks fixed their lids… but do their cups seem smaller to you too???

A while back, I wrote about the “Starbucks Straw Conundrum“. Starbucks had introduced a new lid — that is more environmentally friendly and is made with more recycled material (which is a GOOD thing) — but that also caused the straws to collapse, preventing you from drinking your drink! For me personally, it was especially discerning because I get a caramel macchiato… and the BEST thing about this drink is the sweet, sticky, delicious, caramel located at the bottom of the cup. Well, if the straw if flat, the caramel doesn’t come up! What the hell good is that??? I may as well just get a plain latte.


So this problem lasted for a while… but then a few months ago, I noticed that Starbucks introduced new cups and new lids! And now the straw holds it own!


The irony of course, is that I bought one of their really cool reusable cold drink cups several weeks ago and have been religiously using that in order to help reduce my carbon footprint a tiny bit — so I am not reaping the benefits of this new design. That said… it’s good for all of you who do! THOUGH — you really shouldbe using reusable cups if you give a rat’s ass about this planet. My two cents… 🙂

 This is the new cup… isn’t it awesome! These sold out like HOTCAKES… and I’ve even seen them on Ebay now (for significantly morethan we paid)!!! TOO funny… luckily we bought three: one for me, one for The Husband and a grande size for the 4-yo!

On the downside… has anyone noticed that the new cups visually appear to be quite smaller than their predecessors? The Venti is supposedto be 24oz for the cold cups… but I’m hard pressed to believe that the new design has that capacity. I may need to test it out. I’m happy they are trying to do even more for the environment (as they are a decently green company already, aside from their hot cups — which are not recyclable)… but I’m curious if they are trying to save some money by cutting back on the size of the drinks? The menu states them to be the same size as before. Anyone else want to weigh in on this?

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