Mind and Body Detox — Prep Week

I decided to start doing a clean-up this past week… my mind, my body, my house, etc. I planned on getting back on track withe my eating… ramping up to another juice fast — this time allowing for either one meal a day or raw fruits and veggies (like salads) along with the juices. I did pretty well the first half of the week and was a bit slack the second half — but overall, not awful.


Breakfast — Juice:

01711 beet
3 carrots
2 large stalks celery
1 bunch cilantro
1 bunch parsley
1 nectarine
1 plum
1 sizable chunk of ginger
1 gala apple

Juiced all — though was unsuccessful with the lemon grass… which almost destroyed the motor on my poor little juicer. This juice was quite delicious! One of my favorites yet! The herbs were a nice addition and this juice is packed full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients!

GYM — 1-hour workout with new trainer. Mostly just assessment, but got some exercise in as well. VERY out of shape!

Lunch — Healthworks Salad:


This salad was purchased from the Healthworks cafe.

Sliced Oranges
Sliced Avocado
Sesame Tofu
Served on top of a bed of spinach


Just a decent portion of hummus and some pretzels
Weight watcher’s dessert


Breakfast — Juice:


Same juice as yesterday. Looks good, doesn’t it?!




Lunch — Salad & Juice:


1/2 bag Mache
6 kumquats, pitted and sliced
1 whole avocado
Salt and pepper to tastes
1 -2 wedges Meyer lemon

Combine Mache, kumquats and avocado. Season with salt and pepper and squeeze lemon juice to cover. Gently toss.

Juice — same as breakfast … minus the parsley and cilantro — I added watercress instead (which is why it’s darker).

Dinner — Salad topped with grilled chicken:

0301Baby spinach
3 small tomatoes, quartered
1 small ball of local, fresh mozzarella – sliced
1 grilled chicken breast — first marinated in balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and seasoning

Dress salad with a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic glaze (or regular balsamic vinegar) Season with salt and pepper.



Breakfast — Juice:

1/4 large cantaloupe
1 pear
3 stalks celery
Handful of baby carrots
4 kiwi
Chunk of ginger
1/3 Meyer lemon

0023Mind Detox — Spent day at Cressy’s beach, at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester, MA.




Lunch (on the beach):

2 whole wheat pitas
Baby carrots

 Dinner — Quesadilla:


2 whole wheat flour tortilla’s
Leftover grilled chicken breast
Shredded 2% Mexican-style cheese
Roasted Sweet Potatoes (leftovers)
Fresh Cilantro

Layer cheese, chicken and potato on top of first flour tortilla and heat on medium heat until cheese starts to melt.


Top with cilantro and more cheese. Place second flour tortilla on top and flip entire quesadilla over. Continue to cook
until all cheese has melted and quesadilla is heated through.

Serve with 2 tbsp 0% fat Greek-style yogurt. 




Took the day off…

Breakfast — Egg Sandwich:

2 slices sprouted grain bread
1 organic, free-range egg – fried over easy
1 slice 2% American Cheese

Lunch — Chipotle Vegetarian Burrito Bol

Dinner — I can’t remember! 


Breakfast — Egg Sandwich:

2 slices sprouted grain bread
1 organic, free-range egg – fried over easy
1 slice 2% American Cheese

Lunch — Juice:

01122 stalks celery
6 small tomatoes
2 carrots
2/3 Meyer lemon
Chunk of ginger
2 peaches
1 plum
1 apple
01421/3 clementine
Approx. 1 c. cilantro
1 yellow beet

Looked pretty cool while I was making it, despite the fact that I juiced the tomatoes first, because of their density, they slowly stayed on top while the other fruit juices layered out as well. Once all mixed together, it was sort of a pukey-colored mess! It tasted great though.

Dinner — Tartufo in Newton Centre (restaurant review to follow)


Was essentially a wash.  Though we DID try a new restaurant in West Roxbury — Skara Grill (review to follow on this as well). Just had an egg sandwich for breakfast and two slices of pizza for dinner… with snacking in between!

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