Hell’s Kitchen Recap — Week 2


First up… conclusion to the “Chef – Joseph fight” and we find out who goes home….

First a recap of the idiocy that Joseph spewed at Ramsay…. leading of course, to his outburst challenging Ramsay to “step outside”. The dude is a serious moron… and thankfully, was asked to leave — but he wasn’t the only one asked to leave. The original four who were nominated were still on the chopping block.

Andy, being in the bottom two, had to defend himself and stated that “Tonight’s performance was not indicative of what I can do. I can nail it.” Ramsay decided on….



TONY. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.

On to week 2. Since the men were down by two, Ramsay moved Robert (the guy from the past season) back to the men’s team. The chefs go to sleep and at 2am the are woken up by fire fighters rushing in their rooms! Ramsay announces it was a fire drill… and announces the next challenge: preparation and teamwork — serving a fresh pasta meal to all the firefighters… quickly.

Chicken Alfredo, meatball marinara and a garlic bread appetizer are on the evening’s menu. The team that serves their side of the dining room first, wins. Meals coundn’t go out until all apps had first been served served .

On the men’s team, Andy is in charge of the garlic bread… so the pressure is on. Ramsay curses at him b/c he’s using only 2 ovens instead of all 5. Twenty minutes into the challenge, NO ONE is fed yet! Come on, Andy!!!

The girls get their garlic bread out first… come on men, move it out!!! The men’s pasta is ready, but the bread is not ready yet… Andy is cracking… can he keep it together???? Everyone is yelling at him… so much pressure!

The red team (girls) are on their entrees. Blue team is still waiting on Andy and the garlic bread. It’s finally ready and is rushed out the door. The men move on to entrees… and quickly move their pasta dishes (which were already prepared) out to the firefighters… causing the women to fall behind. Ramsay gets pissed b/c the girl’s portions weren’t big enough…

Pasta begins moving quickly out of both kitchens… the red team’s down to just four tables; the blue team six… making it a race to the finish. Will the men pull ahead?

But wait! Dishes get sent back to the girls b/c the meatballs weren’t cooked enough! At this point, the men only had 2 tables left… the women 1. It was neck and neck… and in the end…



The GIRLS WIN. What will this mean for Andy? I guess we’ll find out…

The ladies win a day at the spa… and get to travel there via helicopter. The men get to wash all the fire fighter’s equipment and their firetrucks! And Ramsay says “Andy, I want to see your ugly mug in the reflection.” Priceless!

Then, the men find out there is a second part to their “punishment”. One of the chef’s, Kevin, twists both of his ankles walking back to the kitchen. Another chef (Dave) gets his wrist stuck while cleaning the truck and needs to see the medic too! Both leave to get x-rays.

The verdict? Dave has a slight fracture and a torn ligament in his wrist and opts to stay. Kevin has a ligament twist on one leg and a sprained ankle on the other. He opts to stay as well.

The next day, the men return… with two wounded… and begin working. Ramsay announces that one member from each time will be waiters tonight. The dude with the twisted wrist volunteers… mistake or good strategy???

And so begins challenge three. The third dinner service is seated and orders are taken. The men start cooking and Van (the psycho) is already shouting orders at everyone… but Ramsay likes his risotto, so all is forgiven. The girls mess up their first scallop dish… and the men have Robert and Andy working on their first scallop dish. Robert thinks Andy has too many scallops in his pan… causing a slight argument between them. Ramsay is not happy with the men’s scallops and goes off on Robert — who blames Andy for the issue. And Andy calls Robert a douche bag… LOVE it! At this point, things are NOT looking good for Andy.

Meanwhile, Tennille is screwing everything up again (like last week) — starting a grease fire in the kitchen and bad mouthing everyone but herself. The women fall behind.. waiting on the scallops. The men move on to entrees… and the women begin catching up — despite Ramsay’s verbal assault on them.

On the men’s side… the dishes keep coming out… they are doing well. The women continue to push along, and the men only have one ticket left. BUT WAIT… on the last table, Robert forgets the last salmon… which takes TWELVE minutes to cook. The women were down to only two tables… who would pull it it together? Who will win?

The WOMEN AGAIN! Hmm.. at least that puts Robert on the shit list with Andy.

Based on customer feedback, the red team earned an 81% above average score on service… the blue team earned an 83% above average score… so in a major upset, Ramsay makes the MEN the winners! Looks like Andy is safe for another week!

Ramsay was really impressed with one of the women though (Ariel), who stepped up… so he assigned her the task of determining two names to select for being eliminated. She nominated Lovely and Tennille. Who did Ramsay pick to go home?



Well, first he announces that he doesn’t think EITHER woman will win… and in the end, he sends NEITHER of the girls home! He lets them both stay since Joseph was booted. Kind of LAME… but interesting none the less.

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