Hell’s Kitchen Recap — Week 3


This week things started out with the chef’s basically bad-mouthing those who they thought didn’t pull their own weight in last week’s challenge (behind their backs, of course) – including Andy, who Van said was “hanging on by a thread”. I don’t like Van. He’s a dick.

For the first challenge, Ramsay decided to test the chef’s ability to work together by pairing up the chefs with partners they have struggled with the most. That meant pairing up Van and Andy. The challenge was to make 6 chains, of 6 perfect 6 inch sausages – and size mattered. The women started off VERY strong… getting three strings of sausage up before the guys even got one. As the challenge continued, the score became tied 4 to 4. Then the women got 5… and came up with a 6th… AND…


One sausage was too thin, so it was no good. This was the men’s chance to catch up; however, the women came up with yet another set of six and they were PERFECT… making them the winners of this challenge.  The men had to do another clean-up and the women got another treat. This sparked a fight between Kevin and Robert…. Who ran up to Kevin to “bump chests”. Robert is such a loser… he kept pissing and moaning with Van and a few others. Then he got himself so worked up that he started freaking out and broke the broom against the floor. Andy is right… he is such a douche bag.


Meanwhile, the women got to have an Octoberfest-esque celebration, including beer, sausage and German music.

Next up was the fourth dinner service. The women were in good spirits, the men were down – with several injuries and several explosive personalities. Then Dave got a call from the doctor telling him he had indeed fractured  wrist and would need a half arm cast for two weeks and would not be able to move his thumb… most likely preventing him from competing.

Dave meets with Ramsay to give him the news and Ramsay told him to make the decision whether to stay or go. Dave states he is still committed and wants to stay. Ramsay thinks he made the right decision and sends him off to get the cast.

Back in the kitchen… Ramsay picks two chefs to be greeters – one from the men’s team (Jim) and one from the women’s team  (Ariel) . Being a greeter includes making and serving the amuse bouche . The evening starts when the guests arrive and Ramsay starts rattling off the first sets of orders… however, the orders can’t go out until the amuse bouche is served and Jim falls a little behind while chatting with the celebrity diners.

The red team (women) pull ahead, but  John O’Hurley (of Dancing with the Stars) sends his order back because it’s too salty (made by Tek). The women scramble and the replacement Capillini is a success.

The blue team finally starts getting their apps out, but the red team moves on to their entrees. Andy sends out lamb chops but Ramsay sends them back saying they are not even hot. Then Ramsay starts  ripping on Andy for how crappy his chops were – even calling him names. Poor Andy… he just can’t catch a break. The blue kitchen is at a standstill. Robert starts screaming at Andy and continues to throw him under the bus. The customers start looking at the kitchen, shocked by Robert’s behavior.

Back on the girl’s side, Lovely is just oblivious. How the hell did she even GET on this show???

Andy sends up his third set of chops and finally, Ramsay says they are VERY NICE. Phew! The customer loves them as well.

Finally Dave returns with his new cast and is assigned to desserts. The men’s team is really struggling… will they pull through? Ramsay rallies the teams… each team has three tickets left. Whichever team gets the final dishes out first WINS. Who will it be? Both teams are chaotic and scrambling and in the end…

IT’S THE MEN!!!! Yay Andy!!!!!

So the women need to select two individuals to go on the chopping block. Ramsay picks Sabrina to decide… as she did a great job all night. She picks Tek (because she lost momentum on the first ticket and sunk the team) and Lovely (because she failed at her station). Ramsay picks…


Suzanne to suggest who to send home (since she seems to be so opinionated). She suggests LOVELY and Ramsay agrees! Then he tells both teams that the next dinner service will be different… that it will be one of the most important dinner services any of them will ever serve… and then he tells them all to “fuck off”. Priceless…

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