Reheating turkey or chicken? Try steaming it…

I love roast chicken… and actually, have THE VERY BEST recipe for Roast Chicken — EVER. However, I absolutely hate the taste of any poultry that is reheated in the microwave. Sure, you can saute it or try heating it in the oven, but in my experience it always gets dry.

So today, when I felt like leftovers for lunch… I looked at my steamer sitting on the stove top from the previous night and decided to give it a whorl at reheating my food.

You could use any type of steamer… mine is an insert for my one of my Green Pans. I simply added the roast chicken, leftover haricot verts and roasted itty-bitty potatoes (gotta love these) into the insert.


The end result was great! And it took very little time too cook. Maybe 2 or 3 minutes max (after the water started to simmer. Obviously, you need to cover it to make it cook fast and in order for the steam to work.


The chicken was ridiculously moist, the beans were not over done — still very crunchy, and the potatoes, while the skin was a bit softer than before, they retained the flavor and seasoning and the end result was a quick, tasty and juicy meal. Aboslutely delicious.


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