Day 8: A sucker for the Snuggie and the Touch and Brush

You may be asking yourself what the hell a Snuggie and a Touch and Brush have to do with kind/good deeds. Not much really… but the 5-yo is OBSESSED with both. Ever since he graduated from “commercial-less TV”, (Noggin, Sprout, etc.) to the commercial-laden channels of Nickelodeon and the likes… he’s memorized every infomercial and crappy product out there. These two in particular have become a bit of an obsession though.

So, when we got to his 5-yo physical on Tuesday and he asked if he would need to have any shots… I said no. After all, you don’t get shots for ages 5 through 10 and he already had the H1N1 shot. Then the doctor walked in. And she checked his records and found that they had been out of the chickenpox vax at his 4-year visit… so he would need it. On top of that, they had just gotten the seasonal flu shot in, so he would be getting that as well.

Let’s just say the site was NOT pretty. The poor kid was under the exam table, huddled in a ball, screaming and crying. I promised everything under the sun to try and make it better… settling on a “toy” from CVS next door when he was done (though this DID NOT calm him down at all).

When we arrived at CVS, he found what he wanted right away. The stupid Snugglie AND the Touch and Brush. He couldn’t decided between the two and negotiated that since he had to get two shots he should get two prizes. Who was I to argue?

So while this might not be a charitable contribution, volunteering, helping the elderly or doing some other selfless act… it was something that made my 5-yo extremely happy and helped to take the painful memories of two gigantic shots in one tiny arm off his mind. And now every time one of those stupid commericals comes on, I won’t have to hear him go on and on about how much he wants the damn thing!

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