Days 9-12: It’s the little things that count

operationniceThis mitzvah thing isn’t very easy. Some days, I’m just not presented with opportunities to do kind deeds… so I’m just doing the best I can, even if it’s just little things.

For example, many grocery stores and pharmacies give you the option of adding a dollar onto your total checkout amount — benefiting some type of children’s fund (like a hospital or St. Jude’s). I’ve been selecting to always tack that extra dollar on.

I’ve been trying to put a buck into the Salvation Army can every time I pass one. I’ve only missed it once — when I had no cash at all.

On Thursday, I talked to a new mom in line at the grocery store. I told her about the positive experience I had joining a mom’s group when the 5-yo was little. She was happy to hear that because she was on the fence about joining. The grocery line was taking a particularly long time, but instead of getting frustrated or flustered, I spent the entire time sharing tips and memories with this new mom.

I’ve been making a very strong effort to be extra courteous to others… like holding doors, letting cars out in front of me, stopping at the cross walk every time. I know these are things you SHOULD be doing anyway, but how many of us actually do these items regularly?

One disheartening thing I’ve found is that people are just plain rude and unappreciative. Now that I am hyper aware of being nice, I’m noticing how NOT nice other people are. I cannot tell you how many people have not thanked me for holding the door for them or for waving them ahead of me. I find that during the holiday season folks go into asshole-mode, and selfishly only pay attention to what benefits them. I’ve actually had people cut in front of me in lines at Starbucks because I didn’t call them out on it.

In any case, I’m not giving up. I have some other plans for the rest of this month. I’m recuperating from oral surgery I had on Thursday, so I haven’t been out and about much.

In the meantime, wouldn’t it be fun to do a “Yes Man” experiment for one day? Say “yes” to everything you are asked to do? I bet you could get some good mitzvah out of that. And speaking of mitzvah, HAPPY HANNUKAH!!!!

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