Welcome to Kitchen Central in Roslindale Village!

Just as it’s very sad to see local (Roslindale) shops close (like mine, Minerva’s Owl, Colorwheel Collection, Rialto Cafe, etc.) it’s just as exciting to see new small business owners giving it a whirl. It’s not an easy thing you know… owning a small business. It’s actually quite hard and becomes all encompassing. So it’s with great respect and admiration that I welcome Kitchen Central to Roslindale Village!

Kitchen Central, located at 22 Birch Street, is the brainchild of Maryann Halley of West Roxbury. I had the pleasure of getting to Maryanne before Sarida closed, but I’m sad I won’t be able to be her “neighbor” moving forward. Maryann has lots of retail background, is incredible at merchandising and is a pleasure to speak with… so I feel confident she will be successful!

Maryann (on the left) with her BFF who flew in from CA to help out!

Kitchen Central is a bright and sunny shop filled with all kinds of kitchen goodies. The vibe that Maryann is going for is a blend of industrial and retro decor with a focus on US made products and beautifully styled pieces. You may also find some super cool vintage kitchen-ware as well! For having only been open for a few weeks now, the shop is chock full of something for every foodie out there.

Lots to choose from!

Kitchen Central offers lots of cookbooks… including local ones. I bought two written by the owners of Sweet Basil in Needham, MA (Sweet Basil and Stewed). I LOVE them both and I can feel great about my purchase because not only am I supporting a small, local business… but in the same purchase, I also supported a fantastic local restaurant and chef!

So many cookbooks to choose from… (a ‘slight’ obsession of mine)

Maryann has picked out some beautiful table linens as well… definitely the best Roslindale has to offer. Some are even made in the US, which is a huge bonus.

Many of these are made in the USA…

The appliance selection is great for just starting out. Maryann told me she has sold quite a few pieces already… including toasters, emulsion blenders (a MUST HAVE tool), pressure cookers, and has also had requests for the Soda Stream, which she will hopefully be carrying soon. I love how she pairs appliances and kitchen tools with appropriate cookbooks and accessories, so it’s easy to pick out everything you need. For example, she has a really great paella pan paired with a beautiful paella cookbook and some gorgeous Spanish-style blue and yellow tapas plates next to a drool-worthy, two-inch thick, tapas cookbook (high on my wish list).

Toasters, Mixers, Emulsion Blenders, Food Processors and More!

There are place settings, dishes, serving pieces and even a few vintage glass dishes thrown in, which are all displayed beautifully. For the summer months, she has a great collection of melamine dishes and serving ware. I also noticed some really great vintage-looking ice buckets and tumblers that are perfect for the pool area.

Mix and match bowls, dishes and serving pieces.

Note the awesome industrial / vintage fixtures like the yellow metal cart below and the beautifully-painted green display cabinet. Kitchen Central also carries several lines of heavy duty pots and pans and a stunning collection of chef-worthy knives.

Pots, pans, knives, blenders, beautiful coffee mugs, utensils…

Need a wedding gift? Look no further! Besides the oodles of appliances and serving dishes, Kitchen Central also has these beautiful picnic sets… which I would personally love as a gift! Just pair it with a bottle of Rose from Solera and a gift certificate for some lovely cheese from the Boston Cheese Cellar, two doors down. These are two of my all time favorite shops in Roslindale, so if you haven’t been… you are seriously missing out. In fact, need a quick lunch? Try the Ploughman’s Lunch from the Boston Cheese Cellar. It’s a person favorite….

Isn’t this the perfect wedding gift??? Pair it with a bottle of wine from Solera and a gift certificate to the Boston Cheese Cellar!

I’m absolutely in love with one little thing that Maryann does… she has a “Share a Recipe” board up at the front of the store, for customers to share favorite recipes! Brilliant… She’s also hoping to host various classes and workshops (like Canning 101) once she gets settled and can figure out the logistics.

I LOVE this idea!

Lastly, if all else fails… Kitchen Central is already setup for gift certificates… another perfect wedding, college graduation or birthday gift!

Gift certificates are always a big hit!

Kitchen Central will be hosting their Grand Opening Party on the evening of Saturday July 27th. There will be giveaways (gadgets), ice cream maker demos/tastings and maybe even a raffle! Please try to stop by and show this small business your support. Without the support of local residents, it’s impossible for small businesses to stay live. Let’s try to help this one!!!

I look forward to seeing Kitchen Central succeed and anxiously await all the awesome things Maryann has planned for the food lovers in Roslindale Village.

You can reach Kitchen Central at: 617-323-0270 or getcooking@kitchencentralrossisq.com and please be sure to “like” their Facebook page.

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