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Food became a passion for me about 15 years ago… when I moved to Boston and had exposure to all different types of cuisine I had never tried. Aside from the standard Chinese, Indian, Thai and Mexican… my palate was an ethnic virgin. I thrived on trying all different types of cuisine and became obsessed with the restaurant scene. Then I got married and had a baby… and everything changed!

A few years after my son was born, I decided it was high time I started focusing on my food obsession again and came up with the idea for this blog. I originally thought I would write about “Date Night Worthy”, “Kid Friendly” and “Girl’s Night Out” restaurant picks, but the blog evolved into more… a lot more.

One of my newer hobbies is food photography. So the focus of my blog as of late has been on recipes, ingredients, food news, anything and everything related to Boston and sustainable living. Of course you will find the pop-culture and political rants and raves thrown in there as well… but it IS my blog, isn’t it? 🙂

I also used to own an arts and crafts gallery and boutique in Roslindale, MA (which sadly closed on 6/30) called Sarida. You can find us at : www.shopsarida.com, facebook/shopsarida and twitter/shopsarida. We’re hoping to open a new location eventually.

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The Metro
Being a parent is hard — hard on the wallet
Listed in the “Get Online” section
September 21, 2009

The Bulletin
Internet Video Sparks Animal Cruelty Investigation
Allston liquor store not connected to namesakes in JP & West Roxbury
March 5, 2009

Boston Globe Magazine
Find. Join. Learn. Go. The World Wide Hub.
Sixty-four websites on Boston life that you should know.
November 20, 2008

Out of the parkway, a new player rolls onto the scene
Where Tammy Donroe of Food on the Food was quoted as saying something that I actually said! Scroll to the bottom of the article to see the correction. Too funny!
March 23, 2008


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