Sugar — It’s bitter… REALLY bitter


dsc007461Dear Sugar Bakery,

Gasp. Sputter. Gag. Hack.

Sorry… I just took a sip of your cappuccino. Yes, it’s that bad. And well, that’s too bad for you… because you see, I am giving up Corporate America for the month of March — which includes my daily Starbucks fix — so this was your one and only chance to convince me that I should start buying my cappuccinos and lattes from you. Unfortunately, that ain’t gonna happen. In fact, if I wasn’t about to pass out from caffeine deprivation, this drink would already be in the garbage…. untouched.

First of all, what’s up with the volume??? There is a good 2 inches of coffee cup above the fluid line (and I’m not exaggerating)… and this cost me MORE than a same-sized Starbucks? What gives?

And what about sweetener? You only have Sweet ‘n’ Low? No Splenda? No Equal? In case you missed it, no one uses Sweet ‘n’ Low anymore… it causes cancer and it tastes awful. So I had to use the last two packets of sugar that were left on the counter. It didn’t help.

I walked out, took a sip and almost had to spit it out. I’m not trying to be mean here, but it was and is AWFUL. Now I’m not sure if this is a training issue, as the nice elderly gentleman behind the counter had to read the directions on the wall in order to figure out how to make a Cappuccino — or if it’s because it had way too little milk in it or way too much nasty,burnt tasting, espresso. Whatever the case, it’s so bitter that it makes Old Lady Cratchet sound sweet. Time to revisit your supplier or your employee training or maybe clean your espresso machine? Whateve the case and the cause, it needs an overhaul.

Now I hate doing this to you Sugar, because I love you! I come in all the time… buying my fill of cookies, cupcakes, cake slices and brambles (to which I recently gave rave reviews). However, if you are going to serve sweets, you need to serve good espresso drinks too. Don’t worry, I will still come in and sing your praises as a baker — but until you can prove that you actually know how to make a decent espresso drink, you can kiss our coffee relationship goodbye.

Yours Truly,

Boston Food & Whine

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