Would you like to see our WHINE list?

I thought it would be really funny to post all of the “hate comments” I have ever gotten. It never ceases to amaze me how angry people get with you and how often they feel it’s their right to rip you a part and tell you what you are doing wrong.

In any case, I find it hysterical and often egg them on. Here are some of my favorites… Enjoy!


These are in reverse chronological order.

Starbucks Straw Conundrum

This is a terrifying display of yuppiedom. Have you all considered concerning yourself with real-world problems? Or is there some twisted comfort obsessing over minutiae?


Sabra Hummus vs. Simply Enjoy — NO Comparrison

I’ve tried and eat 3 of the 4 flavors of the SE Hummus and quite enjoy them, especially the Garlic. So to each his own…you should challenge other people to try these items before slandering them on the internet.


I’m doing a 2-day Detox

If you want to lose weight why don’t you all just join Weight Watchers and move on w/ life. It’s calories in vs. calories out. Just as simple as that. You want to get to the gym 3x’s/wk?? Try 6 days and burn those calories.

It’s a lifestyle not a 3 day abstenance course.


We are boycotting Thai Spice in W. Roxbury

This is one of my favorites. This woman really “let me have it” for getting angry about having to wait 2 hours for my food delivery and for being treated rudely by the owner of the restaurant. I ask you… WHO THE HELL orders takout at 5:15? Most people WORK lady… and order takeout when they get home. I didn’t say I don’t like the food… I simply said I am not going to tolerate repeated poor customer service.

To BFW Tammy:

I don’t know why you think that 5:15 is not a busy time for take-out. Actually, it is one of the busiest times for people who have children!!! I know because I have six children and know that I need to plan early when I want to order out. As far as Thai Spice being late, they only have two people working there for one thing. The other thing to consider is that the food is made fresh for each order. Not all restaurants do that. I would question the other restaurants useage of pre-made items. We have personally gone to Thai Spice on numerous occassions and have watched them prepare these dishes. I cannot tell you how many times our guests have raved about their food. The portions are truly large and satisfying. ALWAYS WORTH THE WAIT!How can you put a time limit on perfection?


There is no way this child came from my loins

Another personal favorite. I guess I must be an awful parent. I stick by my comments back to this person.  A$$HOLE.

If you let your kid eat crap, he will chose crap. Why is he running the show? You say he eats fruit, vegetables, nuts, cheese, yogurt, but his stock three meals don’t really reflect that. Stop with the processed PB&J and American cheese. You are the parent, but he is running the show. Explain to him that you have been mistaken and that some of the foods he has been eating are not good for him and his menu is going to change. Start with those foods you say he likes and make him good food out of it. Remember you are fueling a developing brain and frozen processed pancakes, crustables and take out pizza are not good fuel.

I am not a food nazi and my kids, now 18 and 20 ate plenty of crap when they were growing up, but it was an exception. They don’t like everything even now, but they do like and eat a great variety of real food. Even the 20 YO college student (boy) who cooks for himself and roommates.


And in response to my response back to the previous comment…


Your response to Anonymous was rude and agressive. If you blog, expect a variety of responses and have the dignity to respond in a respectful manner.

Grow up and learn some manners.



Wow. If this is the type of reaction you have to solicited advice, you should probably stop blogging. I actually think Anonymous offered sound advice. I’d be concerned personally about the level of preservatives in the uncrustables, and make pbj myself. To each their own.


Bon Caldo… Not bad, not great

Funny thing about this one is that I have never been to Cafe Abbondanza, nor did I write about it! Psycho…

For the record I tried Cafe Abbondanza and the fact that you like it shows the true value of your opinion as a food critic; its worth crap. Why dont you first educate yourself on Italian food before you make suggestions for people to waste their money.


Zipping to West Roxbury

Some people just don’t get puns… but I’m the one that needs to “go back to school”. Hysterical!

Dude… dining and whining?? whining is when you complain about something, its called wining, and its not whine, whine: complain, Wine is something you drink, go back to school.


The 5th of May

Not mean… just funny!

How do you do.
I hope to see blog.
Please link to this site.



In response to my positive review of Banq. And just exactly how does this portray my character?

I’m still not convinced about your character and I guess you read different reviews. If you read your review, you found it VERY good and the service good, both a step up from what you are saying now. You may want to read more reviews now that it is open longer. I wouldn’t consider 2 stars out of 4 stars in the Boston Pheonix a VERY good review. I’ve read worse reviews than that also. you may want to lose your pet peeve OR just print your name and address on here since you think everyone on here knows exactly who Tammy is.


And in response to my comeback to this comment. Just reading this makes me pee my pants!

Your true colors now show through. I won’t read your blog, respond etc. I guess the rude “balls” comment annoyed me and I didn’t think people made comment like that “for fun”, but I guess they do. have a reat day.


And last, but certainly not least– Ça va comme ça (my review of Craigie Street Bistrot)…

One I find most amusing about this is that one of my all-time favorite restaurants — Oleana — is a French Bistro and has an entire vegetarian tasting menu. Hmmm… go figure.

Really, you eat no meat in a French style bistro and you don’t really enjoy your meal? Duh?!


I hope you enjoyed these just a much as I did!

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